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Quality Control

Quality control department

Quality of products is controlled forever.

Quality control covers inspection and testing of products and services or process to reach a specified level of quality. Quality control department of FNT with expertise and educated inspectors controls all steps of production to be confident from conformity of product with requirements and avoid to delivery of nonconform products to customer.

FNT produces a wide range of equal leg angels (L 25-100 mm), I-Beams (IPE 120-180 mm) and channels (UPN 80-160 mm) in 1 m to 12 m length according to national standards 13968-1, 4477-1 and 16348 and international standards such as DIN, EN and GOST. Iran national standard organization (INSO) has certified the conformity of our products with national standards. FNT has equipped its own laboratory with chemical analysis, metallography and mechanical properties testing equeipments such as hardness, tensile strength machines for checking the technical and quality specifications of finished products to ensure from conformity of product with requirements of standards of specified delivery conditions by customers. With getting the certificate of standard ISO 17025:2005, FNT has one of the reference labs in the north west of Iran.