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About us

Foulad NAB Tabriz

Foulad NAB Tabriz Co. registered in Tabriz in 2003.

This company by manufacturing of different kinds of hot rolled steel angles, U channels and I beams according to national and international delivery standards has succeeded to become a well-known brand between the domestic consumers and customers in different places of country. FNT is going to be one constant name at top of the steel industry of Iran to shine forever in near future by cooperation of its hardworking staffs and dedicate a small gift to the people of this country by creating hundreds occupations

of Company


One of the biggest manufacturers of hot rolled steel finished products in country

Master in quality of products in steel industry of country

A knowledge based organization with ability of delivery of new products in conformity with national and international standards

History of the company

Foulad NAB Tabriz (FNT) registered in Tabriz in 2004.Construction and installation projects of production plant started in spring of 2005 and finished after about one year. Commissioning of production line started at summer of 2006. Foulad NAB Tabriz Co. (FNT) is located at 35th km of west of Tabriz with 170,000 sq. meter area and 46,500 sq. meter covered area. Expansion project of FNT carried out in 2010 for increasing the annual production capacity to 450,000 ton. FNT is one of the biggest manufacturers of constructional hot rolled steel sections such as hot rolled steel angles, U channels and I beams in Iran.