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Tool making

Introducing Tool Making Unit

Tools and parts is made inside the company

Localization of steel industry has been intentioned seriously in country and powerful companies have active participation in this subject. With cooperation of expert staffs of FNT in tool making shop, a lot of considerable projects have been carried out. For example more than 40 requested spare parts by production lines have been designed and manufactured in the company.

Tool making shop of Foulad NAB Tabriz Co. beside the production affairs has an important role in manufacturing and supplying of required equeipments and spare parts of company. Nowadays more than 70% of production line needs are manufactured by tool making shop after desining in technical office of the company. This department has a complete set of hard and softwares as well as expertized staffs is one of the powerful poles of localization of hot rolling lines in steel industry of northwest of country. Tool making shop of FNT is able to supply services in different areas such as manufacturing of steel and cast iron parts, machined heavy parts, machining of heavy and light hot rolling rolls, manufacturing and reparing of complex gears, special nuts and bolts, maintenance and repair of complex gear boxes and roof cranes.