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Introducing Producting Unit

Production Furnaces Are Always Hot

FNT’s hot rolling lines including: reheating furnaces, roughing and finishing stands, cooling beds, straightening machines, finishing facilities and automatic packing units for annual production of 450000 ton. Hot rolling line is completely automatized and under control and production rate is automatically controlled. Reheating furnaces are pusher type to charge 4 and 6 m in length steel billets with dimension 100 to 150 mm. Temperature and pressure of furnaces are controlled by automation systems for preventing the loss of energy and decreasing the surface oxidation.

When temperature reached to hot rolling temperature, billet is charged to continuous rolling line. First line has 1 reversible roughing stand and 8 finishing stands to produce light equal leg angles (25 to 80 mm). Second line has 7 roughing stands and 6 finishing stands to produce heavy sections such as U channels (80-160 mm), equal leg angles (80-100 mm) and I beams (80-180 mm) according to market request.